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Sonic Adventure 2 graphics arrors

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When I play SA2 in Chancast .25, I get errors much like these:




Textures will pop up and block my view, making it difficult to play. It happens often too. Is there any way to fix this, or does the game just always run like this?


My specs are:


Athlon 64 3200+

1024mb PC3200 RAM

256mb nVidia 6800GS PCIexpress x16 Video Card



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Nvidia cards generally suck at emulating Sonic Adventure 2. Not that ATI cards are much better, but ATI cards have less texture bugs. Most of the problems stem from Chankast's inaccurate emulation.


In other words, you can't fix it and neither can we.

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Wow that pic shows worse graphics then I got when I played that game on Chankast. The sound on the games however greatly depends on how the audio files were compressed for those self boot images that everyone has. At least in the case of background music and stuff.

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Indeed it does. To put it simple, Chankast doesn't work properly with any integrated graphics solutions (ATI's or NVidias integrated models might be an exception, but these are largely untested and/or unreported).


Needless to say, Intel's integrated models are the worst in terms of emulation, especially when emulating hardware that does true 3D graphics.

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