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PS2 Emualtor


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I really wonder how big your Pc capacities would have to be to run a PS2 emulator. It is not quite as powerful as the X-Box, but it will be far harder to emulate. So easy is the X-Box to manipulate that we can run excellent emulators on, it, already.


The PS2 will give a different headache to what has been faced before, I mean a lot of media time was given to the 'emotion engine' but as the PS2 developed and has been developing we have seen the second chip become the driving force - the Graphics Synthesiser which acts in a very non traditional way for a graphics chip. Paul Holman President Sony Europe) was pained by even developers becoming sidetracked by the promise of the emotion engine.


I wonder if emulation of later titles will be possible on an unmodified PC.

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