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Michael Richards (Kramer on Seinfeld) Loses it!


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I'm going to confess: The only reason I resurfaced was to see K's response.


Anyway: Obviously, he screwed up. If he had stopped at the "fork" line, he would have been alright. The audience was laughing, and he seemed to be firmly in control, but then he just started dropping N-bombs left and right. It was like watching a video of someone committing suicide, without all the blood and guts.


Basically, George Lopez was right: His lack of experience doing stand-up is what cost him. If he knew how to straighten a heckler, this wouldn't have gone nearly as far as it has.

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This is going PAST retarded!!! Something like this should NEVER appear in court. If Michael ends up in court because of this, I'm going to call up a lawyer, tell him the 40-50 something names of people that have called me Spic/Mexican insulting me and "Hurting my feelings" so that I can get rich.

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Please, someone, give me a gun, a rocket launcher, and a bottle of horse cum, so that I can pour it all over this freaking bullsh!t that's going on. It's just a freaking word, get over it.


Worry about the Martin Luther King Jr Monument being built(if not already finished), worry about actual racism, that involves pain and physical hurt through out the world, worry about such stupid clans as the KKK, worry about true "hate" not a fuc|<ing word!!!!


Someone please shut me up ><.

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