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A question about slayers evox v2.6 installer


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A friend of mine wants to install a 250 gig HDD in his Xbox.I just wanted to know if the slayers evox v2.6 installer will format his HDD and partition it properly for him.Or does he need a different installer for a HDD bigger than 120 gig?.

I heard somewhere before that it needs to be partitioned in a certain way if it's over 120 gig.

Perhaps there is another evox installer that will do the bigger HDD?.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Extremely outdated to begin with, like YEARS. And who the heck uses EvoX anymore anyway? Disk partitioning for larger disks has nothing to do with the Xbox itself, it's your dash and other homebrew apps that can make use of it only anyway.

You can format larger hard drives straight from the bios of some modchips, and dashboards like UnleashX can do it.......as well as many other things.


Don't touch any of those installers, they're all very outdated. The best way to do it, is for him to get his Xbox HD Key and EEPROM (You can use EvoX for this, as it's probably the most foolproof method) and simply get XboxHDM and connect the new hard drive to your PC and fire up XboxHDM (You need to make an ISO with the necessary files)..............See www.xbox-scene.com for tutorials and the forums for help.


The even easier way, is if your modchip supports it (An Xecuter 3 does, I have one) and have it format the drive.

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the lager size problem was originally dealing with the bios but that has since been fixed in later versions of xecuter bioses so you can use bigger hdds. i know you can off bat set a 250gb to F: only (meaning G: isn't needed) but for a 300gb to be on F: only has to be setup with xbpartitioner or otherwise use the F: and G: for anything bigger then that.


evox as a dash is very dated and hihgly recom but for setting up a hdd, its still the same old process but don't try to lock the hdd with that version of slayers if the xbox is 1.6 as it won't support it. there is a newer version of slayer's that was released not too long ago that should be more helpfull.

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