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Shareaza released

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BitTorrent client



This is first and foremost a bug fix release. There have been more

than 200 bug fixes in the last year. Read all the changes in the

changelog: http://wiki.shareaza.com/static/ChangeLog2.3



GUI and Basic Functionality


Added command-line switches to change mode.

Tray menu "Exit" saves GUI settings now.

Fast user switching support for different users in WinXP.

Fixed monitor disappearance from GUI.

UPnP discovery and Firewall handling in NT systems.


Gnutella/G2 Networks


Improved protection against host cache pollution.

Shareaza understands x-try-dna header.

G2 sources derivation from Shareaza ed2k sources.

Downloads from Phex clients fixed.

X-Alt/X-Nalt for G1 implemented.

GGEP writing/reading fixed.

HTTP redirection support.

QHT update rate fix.

Automatic and manual "Find More Sources" fixed for G1.

Chat flag reading from GGEP and G1 metadata reading fixed.


eDonkey Network


ED2K 64 bit file size changes.

ED2K and handshake fixes.

Reconnection to ed2k server on low-ID when not firewalled.

ed2k hashing algorithm updated.


BitTorrent network


Torrent info display dialog updated, info reading tweaked.

Multitracker support added.

Better Bittorent keep-alive handling.

Fixed torrent verification bug.

Scrape request from trackers fixed.

External sourcing for torrents.




Partial file import from other applications.

Review notification/count added to download tool tip.

Fragment handling fixed which caused corrupts downloads.

Download bandwidth oversaturation fixed.

Upload queues can be split to have only partial files.

Validation of sources from hits by file size.

Optimization of downloads sorting.




Improved edonkey file matching to Shareaza schemas in searches.

Per-search adult filter added.

DRM filter added.

Cross-packet spam checking.

Bogus query hit packets detection improved.

Spyware/viruses detection improved.

Filter updated to filter out 'suspicious' files.

Filtering from right-click menu by user-defined filters.

Search by hash from the Search Monitor.

Improved manual search by URN.


Library and Plugins


Plugin architecture improved.

New plugins support a bunch more multimedia, Office document formats.

SkinScanSKS plugin fixed.

UTF-8 support for skin installer.

Ability to specify fonts for each language in skins.

PDF metadata extraction from unencrypted files improved.

Metadata extraction from Windows Installer files.

Library scanning and hashing improved to use less resources.

Ability to have multiple Search folders in the Library.

File search in the Library improved.

Simple anti-worm/anti-ads protection of the Library.

Ghost folder in the Library and ghost files management.

Collection export wizard from Library using new templates.

Support for asian keywording, japanese keywording improved.

Bitzi lookups improved and updated.


Media Player


Media player optimized to use less resources.

Prevention of crashes in Media player for some codec sets.

Power management and screen saver fixes for media player.

Support of media keys in media player.

Media Player settings redesigned, automatic plugin switching.

Feature to specify custom previewer for media files.

Collection export from Media Player.




Fix for multiline MP3 tags.

More MP3 and OGG metadata are available.

Ability to read number of channels from APE files.

Unicode tags can be read correctly from OGG files.

Taggless MP3 hash calculation fixed.

More strict AVI corruption checking.




Security fixes.

Strict hash check for bitprint hash values.

Sharing of private files (.dbx .pst .wab) disallowed.

DoS attack prevention with exclusive address binding to socket.

Immediate socket close up on failure to free the socket pool.




Leak fix in ImageServices.

Code compatibility for 64bit platforms.

UDP packet dumping implemented, ed2k option in the Packet Dump window.

Browse Host saves implemented.

Sorting by IP improved in the Security and Networks window.

>> Get it HERE.

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Wow, and I thought Shareaza was long gone. Shows just how much I'm on the ball.

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Shareaza not just a bittorrent client it also handles Gnutella and G2 networks, also it looks alot nicer than Limewire and free from spyware. I like it alot better than bitcomet.

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yeah i tried using it last night but its realllllly slow, it might have been the file i was trying to download but i dunno


most likely from ED2K network lol

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