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Sound Cards and Integrated Bleh


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well soon in the mail i will be recieving this mobo




I also have a few Sound Blaster Live! cards lying around, one of them has a higher model than the other one (its 4 digits, and the 3rd X is one digit higher with it being XXXX) but they both show up as Sound Blaster Live! Value in programs like AIDA32


i also just recently bought a Sound Blaster Audigy SE for my dads computer (Stupid slimline case wouldnt fit anything else)


anyway, question is


Is the sound on the mobo im getting better than the Sound Blaster Live!? The Live isnt really that new :/


Should i just go pick up an Audigy 4? (Audigys are the same thing as X-Fi im pretty sure you all know, you just get a firewire instead of a USB 2.0 or something like that)

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im going to be getting these speakers




I dont have room in here for a 5.1/6.1/7.1 setup, nor do i think its necessary (i could go into a huge rant about this but i wont)


now im actually considering the Audigy 4 Pro, or the X-Fi XtremeMusic, they both seem to be the same thing specwise (in fact the Audigy 4 Pro seems a little better) but one has all these effects and crystalyzer nonsense, and the other has...less of that






they are both within my price limits, think i should go for the X-Fi? Or is the extra X-Fi stuff really for surround so i wouldnt be using it anyway?

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With those speakers don't get the X-Fi as you will never here what it has to offer. Even the Audigy 4 you will not here what it has to offer with them speakers. Get the card Mooney suggests it will be all you need.

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alright, my dad has the Audigy SE, and its not bad, even if it is really a rebranded Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit (right now i have the super old Sound Blaster Live!....not 24-bit :P)


Im just looking to get the best possible stereo playback, because later on im going to be hooking this PC up to my Hi-Fi system which ive spent wayyyyyy too much money on (Its pretty much where all my money goes)


i might upgrade this PC to surround sound later, but ill hold off, i did some research on the X-Fi, and unless you get the Pro Super Ultra edition or whatever, theres no point, that 24-bit crystalyzer is bullshit, its just an equalizer basically that puts it in a U curve. Everything else the audigy 4 has (minus some surround sound stuff, which i wouldnt be using for awhile anyway) and i like the remote with the audigy 4 :P


so depending on the size of my next paycheck, either Audigy SE or Audigy 4 Pro

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by the way, i know this is really stupid, but one of the main reasons i like the Audigy 4 is for the remote, are there any really cheap remotes i could just buy and use with any sound card? All it would have to do is work with iTunes i guess, BSPlayer Pro would be nice too.


Not that I know of and the remote for the Audigy 4 is sweet I use it everyday.

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