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FBAXXX Pro - How to permanently set X-ARCADE in my controller settings?


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EDIT (This may be interesting for someone else)


After few tests and five mugs of milk I discovered

how FBA-XXX Pro is currently handling the controller configurations.


Everytime you boot the emulator, the controller is reset to ANALOG-D-PAD.

(I still want to change this to have my default as X-ARCADE!)

So, if don't change anything and open never opened before fresh rom,

a INI for it will be created using the ANALOG-D-PAD as default controller.


If you want the game you are going to play to use X-ARCADE, do not forget

to --- before open your rom for the fisrt time, to change your controller conf



What were my problems --- I had tried several games few time ago

using a S-Controller with Analog D-Pad settings. So, some game INIs

were created using that configurations, and now, when I open then

with my X-Arcade things get messed. I need to reconfigure every game again.


So --- keeps floating in the air --- How to set X-ARCADE as default

configuration everytime I boot the FBA XXX Pro emulator?


Thanks guys!




* * *


Original post:




Is there a way to permanently set X-ARCADE as my default controller type?

I use a big oldskool arcade controller to play FBA-XXX games, and

it does not have a thumbstick to access IN-GAME menus, so I use R+L

to access this menu, configure games, exit games and so on.


But for God's sake!

There are games that switch back to ANALOG D-PAD, and I need

to reset Xbox if I want to return to rom browser (or open that

old big wooden chest buried under the bed where I store the

ugly S-Controllers.)


I found this inside my FBA-XXX INI file:


// Menu Options

arcadetype 0

arcadebuttons 0

tab_active[0] 1

tab_active[1] 1

tab_active[2] 1

tab_active[3] 1

tab_active[4] 0

tab_active[5] 0

tab_menu[0] 0

tab_menu[1] 1

tab_menu[2] 2

tab_menu[3] 3

tab_menu[4] 4


Is something related to this?

Should I change arcadetype from ZERO to ONE?

Or arcadebuttons?


Thanks so much, guys!


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