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Running Pokemon Diamond rom


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Hey guys, I was looking on google for pokemon diamond help and i saw this thread so i signed up. If someone could help me run pokemon diamond that would be great. I have 2 kinds of DS emulators: NO$GBA and the DeSmuME. I gotta admit that I'm not all that good at this kinda stuff either. feel free just to private message me.

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watch out for pokemon diamond rom..


the withdraw/deposit PC thing doesnt work sometimes....


happened to me after hatching my egg and i didnt save after


dont make the same mistake!!!


*If you're curious how it doesnt work, here's a description: It freezes and you cant do anything. It gets stuck at a bar and a red box pointer thing.


I have the same problem, but everytime I want access the pokemon storage system, me emulator (no$Rom) gets completely stuck. When I had about 20 pokemon, it wasn't a real big deal, sometimes it just didn't work and sometimes it was just very slow, but now I have around 55 pokemon, it just gets stuck.

Does anyone have a solution?


I didn't switch my emulator options -> NDS backupmedia to EEPROM 64 Kbites because I found out that I'd have to start over to make that work.

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No, the problem is in the emulator's configuration or then it's a bad ROM dump. The only way this would be the computer hardware's fault is when the video card or its drivers so crappy that it fails to render the graphics properly.


Same for you, please read the original contents of the thread before you start giving advice. The OP and all the other have had their fair share of advice during the course of the 6 pages in this thread.

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