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I came back just for you L.S.D with this:

Celtic 1 : 0 Manchester United and that put MU in great Danger :P

I know. flock. And lost to a freekick at the last 10 mintues and missed a penalty.

Chelski game must be in their minds.

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Ok I`ll revive this thread case the night will tell who stay and who will say BYBY in champion leage.

W.Bremen Vs Brasa

I can't wait to see Barsa OUT

Also MU is in big problame.

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Last night result :( :


Chelsea 2-0 Levski good

Barcelona 2-0 Bremen :(:rolleyes::what::huhwhy:

Sporting 1-3 Spartak Moskva

Bayern 1-1 Internazionale :smokin:

Galatasaray 3-2 Liverpool

PSV 1-3 Bordeaux

Olympiacos 1-1 Shakhtar

Roma 1-0 Valencia

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