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Personally I always relished at the idea of a new MK dream match. Deception was really good if you were prepared to overlook it's defects. Armaggedon looks fun but all the crap I've read on it makes me think twice :P The only thing that bothered me was Motaro having 2 legs... it was completely retarded to begin with. Minotaur? flock you, that's a goddamn Satyr if I ever saw one...

still gonna download it tho. air combos just flock it worse now. no fatalities, generic voices for males, monsters and females, bad special moves. it's going worse and worse. I like the create-your-fighter option, although they stole it from Soul Calibur 3 but I don't care.


blaze is disappointing, turned from a fighter to a lumbering flock :P


reiko is still a wtf-char if you ask me, if anyone's seen his mk4 ending you'll agree.


Mokap... Mokap... WHAT THE flock?! WHY IS THE GODDAMN MOTION CAPTURE GUY IN THE GODDAMN GAME? (yes I know he's in DA also, but it's ok there, he's a secret char)


regarding meat, I remember something about him being a secret character in Mk4. tried to unlock him in everywhichflockingway. never did...


Personally I think the only solution would be a fan made 2D mugen MK lol.

and Liu Kang dying = good thing.


what the flock is the difference between Chameleon and Khameleon? male/female or what?! and can I play them in any mk game besides this?



/spoiler alert





But when Kai looked to the future, he saw nothing.




/end spoiler alert


the series is gonna die :P

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