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PCSXBox v18 released


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Source: http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EE...lZumAQsxevB.php


PCSXBox v18

>> Xport released a new version of PCSXBox(info) - a PlayStation emulator for Xbox.


What's new/fixed:

* Added buttons for L3/R3/Mode. "Mode" only functions in Dual Shock mode.

* Fixed Right Thumbstick X-Axis (was inverted)

* There is now a single directory for saves. If you were using the 1.4 or 1.6 cores to play games, then you should move all of your files/directories from E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX_1.4 and E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX_1.6 to E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX

* Implemented true Dual Shock+rumble support. From the game configuration menu change the "Controller #" to "Dual Shock" to enable it. No, Ape Escape still does not work - it's a core issue, not a Dual Shock issue.

* You cannot use Dual Shock and multitap simultaneously.

* Added option to enable/disable rumble for controllers 1/2

* Added option to increase the rumble amount for controllers 1/2 if the rumble is too light.

* Instructions included on how to set up your own website which can store/serve configuration files: upload_download_configurations_instructions.txt

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