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Playstation 2===The best games===


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Ok i will be getting my hands on a PS2 very very soon...


What games rock more than any other on the format??


Please reccomend some games people, i know what i allready wan but i am sure i will have forgotton a crap load because there are sooooo many :roll:



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Hmmm what type of games do you like?


Anyway, I recommend the following:


GTA Series

Devil May Cry

Final Fantasy X

Wild Arms 3

Virtua Tennis 2

Marvel vs SNK 2

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Pro Evolution soccer 2 (you know about how good that is already :roll: )


Jak and Daxter

Ratchett and Klank

Klonoa 2

Kingdom Hearts


Tenchu 2

burnout 2

Onimusha 2


Gran turismo 3


The PS2 doesn't actually have that many great exclusives anymore but there are quite a few older titles definately worth having.

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