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We were all there once....


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I guess I can share my story too, I think it was '97 or '98 and I was at my uncle's house using his computer (AOL yay!) when I saw a program on his pc called "Nesticle" bundled with a bunch of roms. I was like OMG!! This is awesome! I went home and copied the floppy it was on and began to play teh romz! Eventually my folks got a new pc and internet and I started to get more games, snes, genesis, etc :devilboy:

In 2001 or 2002 I signed up for an account on emutalk and quickly got 1300 posts, no real spam though. Anyway, I eventually got banned (political reasons [summoned64]), and joined RomShare, I quickly became a moderator, then a super moderator, and saw a link for 1emulation. I removed it from the post (it had new neogeo roms and nrx hacks) and joined up! From there, as you can say, it's history.

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For me, I use to delate 40 MB roms just because I thought they were bad roms, turns out I didnt have neogeo.zip. And this was back then when I had dial-up.

hahaha.. that made me laugh.


I remember when I first started with emulation. I found something called VSMC "Virtual Super Magicom" on a BBS back in 1994. It was a SNES emulator. When I started it up, I got my SNES Street Fighter 2 cartridge and then wondered where to plug it into the PC.


VSMC is still available on the net:

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This place is the only actual emulation site I visited and actually posted on. And half the shiet i post isn't emulation... Why am I still even here!? I HAVE A LIFE!?


Because like LSD said, you're part of "the family". Nobody quits da family! :)




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i am a n00b...ask certain people and they wil attest to my *amazing* skills at fps games...specifically on CS...


"Where is the guy???" <get shot in the face at point blanc range...>


although i do have some luck with games..ie shooting randomly and killing the best people on the map...

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