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Mmmm... did you know that jigglypuff can do the home-run-effect (and get the enemy out of the scene) every time it wants?

Jigglypuff helped me beat the last event. It's the sh!t.


Yes but hes too slow, He doesnt have too many good moves. Someone fast like fox would make short work of him. You can dodge rool all around him if you're experienced.


Either Giga Bowser or the Sandbag. tongue.gif Although, the Sandbag can only jump... or the game freezes. rolleyes.gif


Am i going crazy or are you saying You can play with giga bowser and sandbag????


Meta. Knight.


Enough said.

META KNIGHT??? maybe im losing it........

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Well, no one is perfect. I consider the worst one pichu.


He's not the The Worst :) (I think.....)

I Like Pichu Even tho he hurts himself, Hes Cool :)

but u may be right.....




Hey, The Next Time you play SSBM, Use This Sinario. Play You Vs. Samus Aran And Captain Falcon on teams

So its Them Two Vs. You, With Friendly Fire Off. Using Stock With Six Lives Each. At Hyrule Temple. Its a tough challenge and for newbies its a must if u wanna learn how to play better. Make sure both thier difficulty levels are nine. Let me know what you think and how you did.


Edit:Its Hyrule Temple. hehe

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