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Top 3 Game Companies

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Okay so we got top 10 games started but what about Programmers and Publishers. The focus is usually on individual games but Im curious to see who gets the votes in this category. Heres mine (in no particular order)


1. Team 17 - their games on the Amiga were brilliant, Alien Breed, Arcade Pool, Kingpin, Worms etc


2. EA - They get so much criticism but I think most of its unfair, I love their games especially FIFA Series NHL Series Desert Strike Series


3. Archer McLean - This guy is responsible for some outstanding games, my favs are IK+ and Jimmy Whites Snooker / Pool - the first time I played this game I spent 5 mins trying to flick the flies off the monitor - how dumb can you get! and my kids love the funny faces the balls make, it can relax you while you get irate at losing another frame to the computer.


Special mention goes to Edgar M Vigdal for Deluxe Galaga and Pacman - both outstanding shareware titles

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Camelot - Made my favoorite RPG of all time and produces games of Quality


EA - Made excellent gams like NFS:HP2 FIFA and MOH



Midway - Mortal Kombat!!

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- Arcade legacy. DC, Saturn & Megadrive, the best consoles of there generation, best music producers.




- Having a console that has lasted 12 years and counting, great arcade games, particullarly the sound production around 1996.




- First party producer of the PC Engine, how many games of equal quality they released from 1987 - 1994 on the machine is unbelievable, may have calmed down in recent years, but still ROX

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This is a little better thread then the one about the top 10 games. It just seemed way too hard to pick 10 games out of thousands.


1.) Sid Meier - AKA Pirates! and Civ., and Silent Service fame.


2.) Shigeru Miyamoto - Like his games or not, you'd be hardpressed to find a more accomplished game architecht.


3.) E.A. - They have been around since virtualy the begining of gaming, and have released more quality titles then any other company hands down.


H.M - Square, Llamma Soft, Infocom, Monolith, and Activision.

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