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we dont seem to have a best games topic in here so here it is.

i would like to know what the best games availble in the UK are *looks at dreamcasterlover* and how much they cost as i am getting a dreamcast on sat for £24!

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Actually I did have a big huge list of my favourite DC games in this forum but then all the posts in the board got deleted and it was lost forever. T'was a sad day :D


Anyway here are most of my favourites:-


PAL games:

Crazy Taxi

Soul Calibur



Rayman 2

Grandia 2

Skies of Arcadia

Shenmue 1 & 2


Samba Di Amigo

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Ferarri 355

Metropolis Street Racer

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil Nemesis

Guilty Gear X

Virtua Tennis 1 & 2

House of the Dead 2

TYping of the Dead

Bust a Move 4

tokyo Extreme Racer 2

Toy Commander


Mr Driller

Looney tunes: Space race

Ecco the Dolphin (mainly for the sounds and graphics because sometimes it is so damn confusing you want to smash things)


Quake III Arena

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Sonic Adventure 2

Jet Set Radio

Record of Lodoss War

Powerstone 1 & 2

Space Channel 5

18 Wheeler American trucker

Streetfighter Alpha 3

Streetfighter third strike

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 1 & 2

Beserk: Guts Rage


Nomad Soul

floigan Brothers

Hidden & Dangerous

Project justice

Worms Armeggedon

Railroad Tycoon 2


Imports:(no need for a modchip woohoo)


Space Channel 5 part 2

Dead or Alive 2: LE

Sakura Taisen 3

Zero Gunner 2



Cannon Spike

Maken X

Vampire Chronicle

Capcom Vs Snk 2

Gigawing 2

Sega Marine Fishing

Garou:Mark of the wolves

Napple Tale


Not to mention the great homebrew and emulation that is available too. Also Half Life is worth a download just to see it on the DC. In fact a lot of them you will need to download because not many places sell DC games anymore.


Places in the uk that I know still sell a few DC games






Also there are loads of games on ebay. I got a few good imports on there too.


Anyway it will be the best £24 you ever spent :roll:

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Hmmm The ones I liked the best were:


Crazy Taxi

Power Stone

Soul Calibur

Virtua Tennis

Metropolis Street Racer

Resident Evil : Code Veronica


Toy Story

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still havent got the DC yet, i was gonna buy my mates one but it kept reseting!


i am getting 1 for £24 with keyboard, controller and chu chu rocket.


i also want to know if this uk DC will play jap and US games cos i read on one site that u need to check if it will. how do i do that b4 i buy?


are there any other sites where i can learn about the DC?


Thank in advance 4 the help !

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If he is getting the reset problem then first he should try cleaning the eye of the Gdrom and if that doesn't work he should try using this solution as it's pretty common. It's mostly just a case of dirty contacts.


Firstly, get a positive (+) screw driver that fit's the screws on the DC without to much play, you don't want to take the teeth off the screws.

2nd, to start, Remove ur modem, it is on the right side, It slides out sideways to the right if you're looking at the front of the DC, there's a little catch underneath, push this in and carefully but firmly pull it out to the right. Now you can get to all the screws.

3rd, Lay the DC upside down on a towel or something soft (remove any CDs first), Now remove all the main screws (4 or 5 I think).

4th, Now, carefully turn the DC back over, make sure you hold it in one piece as you do it, when its turned over, the top half should lift straight off.

5th, Inside there's loads of bits an pices, but don't worry cos you will only gonna need to touch the Power Supply Unit (PSU). That's the board that the mains power cord connects to (like duh). It is the large board to the LEFT of the DC. Its

got a grey wire with a white clip connecting to it at

the top, un-clip this grey cable because were removing this

board. Towards the bottom, It has got 6 metal pins coming

through a plastic holder. These pins are the cause of

ur problems.

6th, Ok so u found the PSU board, on there is 2 screws

undo them both, and there is 2 little white clips holding the board down undo these. One at top an the other at the side.

Now the board is free, and we need to take it out. But it wont just fall out, you need to wiggle it slowly upwards, its those 6 pins holding it in, take it slowly here just make sure there's no screws/clips holding it. And it will come out.

7th, With the board out, u can see the long metal pins

sticking out clearly. You now need to clean those six pins in the DC (these transfer the power to the DC's main board), depending how bad it is there might be black line across them were they connected to the DC. So what you need to do is scrape them with a knife or screwdriver (not too hard, we don't want metal fillings in ur DC, just enough to remove any crap that's built up),clean them all on all sides. Ok problem fixed now we just need to put it all back together. 


1st, Put the PSU back in, line up the 6 pins and again slowly press it down wiggling a bit to help in on, Remember to clip the Grey cable and the white clips back on.

2nd, Put the screws back in the PSU board, Replace the

Top of the DC, Turn it back over, Replace the screws and the modem.

finished :):):):):)

Credit to Straxus for the guide



As for playing imports, all you need is a boot disk. There are four that I use and I haven't had anything fail to work yet.


Utopia v1.2

Bootloader v1.2

Gameshark v3.3

Action Replay v3.0


You just burn these images in the same way as any other DC game image. If they come in cdi format then I recommend using CDI2NERO to convert it to an nrg image and burn it in Nero. That's basically just because I think Discjuggler is bollocks heh.


Oh yeah and Gameshark and Action Replay can also be used to cheat but of course I don't condone that :)


Finally, some good links for the DC scene:




Planet Dreamcast



Any other problems or questions, feel free to ask :D

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weel i finally got it, a great loking DC with space channel 5 ready 2 rumble boxing, RE: code V and crazy taxi for £40, its great esp RE and taxi :D


i will be searching for all your recommations in the car boot sales :lol::shock:

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weel i finally got it, a great loking DC with space channel 5 ready 2 rumble boxing, RE: code V and crazy taxi for £40, its great esp RE and taxi :(  


i will be searching for all your recommations in the car boot sales  :lol:  :shock:


Great stuff :D Be sure to try out some of the homebrew and emulation stuff too. Just get some cdrs and bobs your auntie's husband.

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