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Mame32 Port of Haze MDE


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Hi all, i posted yesterday on mameworld forums a port of mame32 that a friend of mine made for me to use Haze MDE since im not good with command line options.


So he did it for me and since it got the "aproval" yesterday, i would like to share it with everyone else that like me as problems with command line Mame.


he just changed at my request a few options to be default from the start, other than that nothing changed just a port for those like me that dont "type" well lol


anyway the file contain the binaires and src.


the download link is this





and here are some screenshots:










cheers to u all :D

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There was already a Mame32 frontend that haze made



Haze's frontend build seems to be missing now, I have it though I have uploaded it to rapidshare http://rapidshare.de/files/29923182/hazemd32_002a.zip.html


I have been playing around with the source and some of the roms from the megatech driver work as well on this . Not sure about the megaplay system though .


I even added Sega Arcade Classics


my build, Need to remove the useless folders and do alot of renameing in the source and a icon for the exe so it no longer shows an arcade machine icon .




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Looks nice James. Perhaps I do have some roms after all.



I had few older roms that I zipped up like it is done for mame and it works . It seems haze might of removed his Mame32 version so I uploaded it to rapidshare .The link is in my post above :)

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