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Rez For PS2

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Yeah you can, I just wasted a big chunk of my life on it


For those wanting to convert PS2 CDs to DVDs, DONT BOTHER


you have to go through this big long pain in the ass image converting and re-ripping and dummy file creating, going up and down the internet looking for all these stupid tools, converting the image AGAIN, patching the image, renaming things, injecting things, MORE patching, and then finally when you go to convert it AGAIN, it turns out that for some retarded reason, only certain CD/DVD drives work, and by certain i mean like a whole 6 drives that no one has and have been discontinued for a long ass time


If you are "lucky" enough to have one of the few drives (its not even like you need the drive for some special feature, the software is locked to check your drive, theres patches to add more drives, but it adds the most random and retarded drives, why not completley unlock it? or add a drive thats actually common? or just a ton more?) Its not even guaranteed to work, its a 50/50 chance, so wasted an hour of your time and maybe youll have a converted image that works


and thats my rant...goddamn im pissed

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