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resident evil 2


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What video card do you have? Glide64 requires at least a better-than-average card to work properly because it uses so many graphics rendering techniques.



I have an nVIDIA graphics card 128 mb. I think its able to play those kind of games.

But which nVIDIA card is it?



Wait I have a better idea i downloaded epsxe and im in india so ican buy pirated psone games will they work on the epsxe emulator and if so will they ruin my hardrive if they dont?

Why would you obther buying pirated games, when you can just download the same games from the internet (and they are equally pirated)?


Yes, trying to run pirated games that are not supported by the emulator will ruin your hard drive beyond repair. :P

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Well yeah I gues your right but the internet in india sucks beyond belief and it takes much much longer then the computer at home, but i only have like 20 more days here and theres no point in chaging to DSL or something. I thought it would be a good idea just to buy pirated games and boot em up on the emulator, it would be a much faster and easier way do things. But I bet original psx games are still cheap here so ill just have to go with those for now.

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