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PS2 to USB adapter

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I want to get a PS2 to USB adapter to use the PS2 controller on my computer, and I'm wondering if anyone knows which is the best one to get.


The only one I've actually found in a retail store is one at Radio Shack for I believe $11.99. Pretty good price; does anyone else have this one, and if so, does it work well/have good response?


There are several others I've seen online but are more expensive and at least one of the companies isn't located in the US.

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FFR and SM are DDR Games for PC (and are free)





and i tried to plug in my DDR mat so i could use that instead of the keyboard to play it, and discovered it didnt work because i could only press one arrow button at a time


So basically the adapter is perfect UNLESS you want to do that


Luckily if you want to use it for this purpose, stepmania has a USB adaptor review page! yay!



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