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Samurai Showdown 5 Special


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FBA-XXX Pro supports all the current Samurai Shodown V Special sets.


is that the same as the FBAXXX 26/04 do you know?

Not sure if I have the wrong romsets or the wrong version of FBA XXX to be honest.


Pro is a derivative of the original builds of FBAXXX... which is what you have. The standard FBAXXX builds all use dates as their version numbers. The Pro versions use actual version numbers. The most recent FBAXXX version is 28-05-06 (May 28, 2006) and the most recent Pro build is version 1.17. In both cases ignore the version numbers listed in the DATS.


The main difference between the two is that Pro supports much newer ROM sets and more games overall. The standard builds of FBAXXX use old ROM sets which are alomst never changed.... the advantage being that you almost never have to update your ROM sets when a new version of FBAXXX is released.


Some ROMS are changed with nearly every build of FBAXXX Pro, so it's not for people who don't like or mind updating their ROM sets. Knowledge of how to use Romcenter or ClrMamePro is highly recommended if you use the Pro version. Either that or find complete sets that get posted to places like Usenet.


Also, be aware that the most recent version of FBAXXX can't be found on Xbins. I think the version you have is the version XBins has, but it's an old build. You can get the latest version over at the Logic Sunrise website forums (Google it). The latest version of FBAXXX Pro should be available on Xbins.


As to your problem, if the ROM you have doesn't work in the build of FBAXXX you are using it likely won't work in the latest FBAXXX either since, as I said, the ROM sets are rarely changed. So I would recommend obtaining a copy of FBAXXX Pro and see if it works there. It still may not though since there are lots of version of these ROMS floating around. This is where learning to use Romcenter or ClrMamePro comes in. You can load the DATS provided with the emulators into one of those programs and then have it scan your ROMS (on your PC) and they will tell you what is wrong with your ROMS.

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Thanks Thraxen for the advice to head over to Logic Sunrise- I now have this new version of FBAXXX and it seems to play almost all the games I want. Seems a problem is that I am unsure of what Samurai Showdown 5 Specials .zip name is.

I don't suppose anyone knows its correct name?

Another question- if you figure out you have the wrong roms in your latest rip, where do you get new ones?

Would you best be google searching etc?

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