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So i'm going through my files on my Pc.. the directory titled "Why did i download this".. stuff dating back to my old system..


And I find I have Neon Genesis Evangelion on my machine.. why? I'm not sure.. so I check it out.. has anyone seen this series before? It's a great series.. so far i've caught just episodes 1-6, and it seems to look very good...


Oh, for anyone who cares, pay close attention to Rei in episodes 5 and 6.. the attitude, the demeanor, etc.. thats how I was growing up.. and still am to some extent.


One question i had tho.. they refer to the "Angel" in the first episode as "The second angel" is there a series made before this?

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i dont know much about the series :lol:, but, from what i can gather, there was only the 1 season tv show, and two movies. heres the list of titles...


Season 1

1. 1-1 04-Oct-1995 Angel Attack

2. 1-2 11-Oct-1995 The Beast

3. 1-3 18-Oct-1995 A Transfer

4. 1-4 25-Oct-1995 Hedgehog's Dilemma

5. 1-5 01-Nov-1995 Rei I

6. 1-6 08-Nov-1995 Rei II

7. 1-7 15-Nov-1995 A Human work

8. 1-8 22-Nov-1995 Asuka strikes

9. 1-9 29-Nov-1995 Both of you, dance like you want to win!

10. 1-10 06-Dec-1995 Magma Diver

11. 1-11 13-Dec-1995 The day Tokyo-3 stood still

12. 1-12 20-Dec-1995 She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred."

13. 1-13 27-Dec-1995 Lilliputian Hitcher

14. 1-14 03-Jan-1996 Weaving a story

15. 1-15 10-Jan-1996 Those women longed for the touch of others' lips and thus invited their kisses

16. 1-16 17-Jan-1996 Splitting of the breast

17. 1-17 24-Jan-1996 Fourth Children

18. 1-18 31-Jan-1996 Ambivalence

19. 1-19 07-Feb-1996 Introjection

20. 1-20 14-Feb-1996 Weaving a story 2: oral stage

21. 1-21 21-Feb-1996 He was aware of that he was a child

22. 1-22 28-Feb-1996 Don't be

23. 1-23 06-Mar-1996 Rei III

24. 1-24 13-Mar-1996 The beginning and the end, or knockin' on heaven's door

25. 1-25 20-Mar-1996 Do you love me?

26. 1-26 27-Mar-1996 Take care of yourself


TV Movie

M-1 Death and Rebirth

M-2 The End of Evangelion



by the way, i also read they are making a live action movie. just thought id mention that while we were on the subject. :D

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No there's only one series, they explain the whole angel thing later. You gotta see that series a few times cause it's totaly crazy. I've only seen it once though :lol:. I love when shinji's eva goes berserk :lol:.

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