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An Easy PSX Swap Trick


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The Secret:


The secret to this trick as you might already know it to make the Playstation think that is is booting an original Playstation game disc. Any time the CD door is opened and then closed again the Playstation will reverify the disc to make sure it is still the original. The easiest way to prevent this is to jam the button that tells the Playstation that the CD door is open. When this is done the Playstation will then only perform the check on the disc that is in the Playstation when it is turned on.


What you need:


- A Gameshark or Codebreaker (one that all you need to use is a CD)

- A wad of paper or foil


What to do:


- Take a small wad of paper or foil and tape it on the button so that is is pressed all the way down. The button can be found in the upper right corner of the inside of the CD tray. Make sure that is taped flat so that it will not rub against any CD you put in.

- With the button held down by the wad insert your Gameshark or Codebreaker and turn on the Playstation. When you reach the menu you can choose to use cheats if you want which is the cool part about this trick.

- Once back at the main menu choose "Start Game". You will now be asked to insert your game disc. As the disc will still be spinning at this point you must be very careful not to scratch the disc when you insert or remove it (also make sure not to hurt yourself while doing this next step)

- Now simply take out the cheat disc and insert you copied game and press the OK button. At this point the game should boot as if it is an original game.


Tip for multiple disc games:


You can also use this same trick for game that have more then one disc. When the game reaches the end of the current disc and asks for the next one simply perform the swap as you would with the cheat disc. I have already done this for Final Fantasy IX and it worked perfectly.


If you have any questions about this guide please feel free to let me know.

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swap trick neaded any original ps1 disk and the disk you want to swap


1. stick the buton


2. insert original CD


3. turn on console


4. when cd slows swich with burnt copy


5. when cd slows swich with original


6. when ps screen disapears quickly swap back burnt copy


and thats all you need to do

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I understand your method megaman_zer0 but the only thing I've gotten out of that method is a black screen and a scratched disc. You don't have to wait for anything with my method just make sure to get the copy in before the Playstation stops reading.

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Well the only reason I say it's the easiest is because it's nothing more then I disc to disc swap without any extra peripherals that you have to connect like in your guide with the special Gameshark. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to dis your guide Shibathedog but I've never even heard of that kind of Gameshark. All my Gameshark came with was a disc and a guide book nothing else. I've even been able to use this trick to play copied PSX games on the PS2.


Pretty much what I'm trying to say is at least try it before you judge it. It really is very easy (as long as you know what your doing).

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question, im geussing you need to mod the PS1 todo this to?


sorry but, i burnt 5 discs, and im just failing to load with this swap trick, but if its not the right geuss of what im thinking, then please explain how should i do this. thank you

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The whole point of this swap trick is so you don't have to use a mod chip. The only downside to this method is that anti-mod protected games will not run. If you are trying to load such a game you will get a "Software Terminated" message shortly after the games starts.


Now as far as you not being able to load your disc at all it might help if you explain 1) how you are burning your discs and 2) just what you are doing and what "cheat disc" you are using when performing this swap trick.

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