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Music: Evanescence


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I recently started listening to this group. It's amazing how their lyrics can affect someone's emotions. Maybe it's just because a lot of things Amy sings about are things I've been through/going through.



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Origin, yea. I loved that one, I like Fallen even better. But my real feelings come out when I listen to the "Unknown" tracks. Like Missing and October.

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There are so many good songs...

I'll give you a list of the ones I listen to most.



Everybody's Fool




Taking Over Me


Those are the one's I have on repeat right now. But all their music is great.

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"Bring me to life" is what got them out there, especially being on a big budget movie soundtrack. It's a good song but seeing as the radio plays it every 5 minutes I thought I would mention a few of their less popular but definitely better songs.



Currently Listening to: Everybody's Fool

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