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At last the original street fighter is coming to


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I just read an article at gamespots site that said street fighter and street fighter 2 turbo will be in the next capcom collection disc.

Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2.


This a part of the article....


Only the Xbox version of the game is being shown at E3 this year and about half the games are currently playable. The playable games we saw were Black Tiger, Captain Commando, Magic Sword, Quiz and Dragons, Side Arms, Street Fighter, Strider, and Three Wonders. For the most part, all of these emulated arcade games seem just fine. The game will also have more arcade games, such as Speed Rumbler, Street Fighter II Turbo, and 1941.


The games are selected via a notebook-like menu that's very similar to the one used in the previous installment in this series and should contain a few extras for each game, such as concept art.


I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I like street fighter 1.

Now i can play it without the ram upgrade for my Xbox.

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