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My city is for sale!

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Thats gotta be the dumbest sh!t I've heard in a long ass time. What sane person/country would want to become part of the US?

Greed and bullying of the rest of the world coupled with arrogance and ignorance, an excellent mixture. And US citizens wonder why the rest of the world hates them.

Where was it I saw this new "Tourist Etiquitte" stuff they're giving out to US tourists now?


P.S. I don't hate the US or any of it's people, but stereotypes are pinned on people/cultures for a damn good reason.

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US tourists are given Tourist Etiquettes? Well, they are nothing compared to Israeli tourists! We invented stealing from hotels!


And the rest of the world hates israelis as well!


Anyways, I will state here one out of many reasons to become part of the US:

PSP price in the US: about 200$. Even less

PSP price in Israel: about 2000 nis = about 450$!!!


And it's not just the PSP. Almost every freaking hi tech device is more than twice as expensive here! Well, I guess it's logical when we have more than 60% tax!!! not including the import tax!


Also, the XBox and the Gamecube where never officially imported to Israel, and we can expect to the same thing with the X360 and the Wii.

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