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New 1Emulation.Com Flash Intro

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Well after working on it for about 3 hours, its done. :lol:

Tell me what you think, so post your comments here. :lol:


Click Here To See The New Flash Intro-->>

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Thank you, thank you very much! :lol::lol:


Actually it took me about 3-4 hours to make it.

I made it with a lot of templates too.


So every now and then it will be different.


Once I add the flash features to the new 1Emulation.Com template (too lazy), I'll post all of them for everyone to see. :lol:

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That rules i saw it before a little earlier today i re formatted the old hard drive and had to search for the link.


Stumbled across it hey i just noticed it has a "staff section" were all ther even are avatars LOL awesome. :lol:

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