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FBAxxx 20/05/06 build

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What's new/fixed?


- added HDTV support + 720x480 in pal60 and ntsc or 720x576 in PAL50

- added informations (offset and scale) in adjust screen section (I ve seen it was requested)

- added simple4x filter (only useful in 720p I guess)

- fixed gamma options, it was randomly crashing

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samsho5.zip and pim.zip broken here also...Kiosk mode still AWESOME!


and I really like the xscale\yscale offsets....even though I use an original NEOGEO MVS monitor, if I want it to be perfectly centered on the monitor (with NO bezel) it is not 640x480...it turns out to be like 603x450...that makes it fit perfectly. I wonder where the scale change is happening? Its NOT a problem but just an interesting find


EDIT : maybe you are dev.ing in PAL...that would make sense if you set the Xscale\YScale offsets BASED on the way it looks to you on your PAL setup.

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I don't understand what you mean, as for pim and samsho5, I see no reason for them to be crashing, I ll take a look.

BTW, I am working in NTSC not in PAL.

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