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Idiots fail the use of teh googles.

Am just lazy, and I know that there some people do it before me \/.


BTW, is there any site to get anime song lyrics.

One of the sites :



Back to topic :

All I could say all musics from any games or animes should be fine to me. <_<

Thank`s for the Links,see K`

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Love Hina (teh BEST)

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

FLCL (how can you not like Teh Pillows?)


Da Capo 1st/2nd season

Honey and Clover

Fullmetal Alchemist




Katamari Damashiii / we love katamari (cheaaaah)


Tekken tag tourney

Soul calibur series


Super smash bros melee

chrono trigger/chrono cross

Suikoden series

Silent Hill series

SamHo series

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Beatmania series

DDR series

DanceMania series

Bust-A-Groove 1/2

Legend of Zelda OOT/MM

Love Hina: Smile Again

Marvel Super Heroes

MSH vs. SF

SF Alpha/Zero series


I still left out alot


btw.. can a mod please move this to the anime sexction or CA

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man i got alot





final fantasy IV advent Children

full metal aldhemist

Hack Sign

Gundam seed

Which Hunter Robin

there's more but cant think of any at the moment.




kingdom hearts 1&2

soul calibur 2&3

prince of persia 1&2&3 but 1 mostly

nd there is many more but cant think of any at the moment

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