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The Official E3 Thread

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl revealed! Yay! Newcomers are:

- Pit (Kid Icarus)

- Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

- Zero Suit Samus (the blue "no-suit" Samus from Metroid: Zero Mission)

- Metaknight (Kirby)

- Wario (Wario)




I'm uploading the high res video right now.


EDIT: High res video: http://www.freshyk.com/downloads/SBR_EN_re...wmvhighwide.wmv

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PSP news on E3:


A Star Treck Tactical game (meh.....)


HOT PXL?!? (WTF?!?)


Dungeon Siege for PSP


Capcom Puzzle World


Hellboy Game


Ultimate Ghouls and Goblins


Pro Evolution 6 (Yay!)


Silent Hill (YAYYYY!!)




Battlezone (??)


Metal Gear Portable Ops (team based game, not the usual MG)


GTA: Vice City Stories (they better dun screw this up)


You can read the news here

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