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Win2DS v0.5


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I really want to use win2d but i dont know any thing about networking and coding, i put in the wifi settings manually all of them and the server is running so now what do i do? PLEASE HELP!

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I'm running a DS phat with a Slot 1 R4.


I setup my Wifi connection for games such as Mario Kart and this works perfectly. I have only recently been able to get some homebrew working such as one IRC client and DShobro.


For Win2DS I have opened the UDP port and everything should be ready to go.


Auto connect: Using the WFC settings it reaches Acquiring DHCP before I can even enter my PC's ip


Manual connect: I can use manual connect and without even changing any settings, select my AP and it will reach the ip entry. After this it hangs at Waiting...


All firewalls and such are down and as far as I know there should be nothing blocking it. Either way I am unable to connect, as with many people posting here I would love to get this working and greatly appreciate any help.


Also I am using v0.7 unofficial.

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im really stuck, my ds is configured to my WiFi Connector but when i press auto connect it always says cannotconnect, im only connecting through my Connector because thats the only AP that my DS can connect to. Whats wrong with it? I have a SuperCard DS One. Is that incompatible or something because i dont know anything about internet connections, and forwarding the router to port 8888? :naughty: My internet runs through a 802.11g Belkin wireless router, possible incompatiblity? Because i really want to play RCT3 on my ds!

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1:Im new here so plz give a break ^^

2:I cant download the download is off

3:I have a r4, can the win2ds run in r4?

4:I want to use this program to draw on the computer, so the win2ds is good to draw?

5:Man, I do all the things and the Win2Ds doesnt work.

6:I can use it how a joystick

7:I have a dlink router di-524, maybe the problem is with my router?


sorry my english but my mother language isnt english.

Andhelp me plz

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