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Ftp to Xbox


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1.do any1 know the best best yet easy to use ftp software to send files 2 an from the xbox?


i just downloaded flashFXP but wont use it until i here what someone here suggest,i'am getting tired of burning files 2 a Disc then puttinging it on my Xbox.


Xbox 1.6b with xecuter 2.6ce solderless +Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq Cd.(my Xbox Information)


2.My old xbox isn't working (powering on)due 2 electric power problem but i was wondering could i be able 2 get the eeprom?i don't know much about the eeprom thing but the xbox i have know may have gotten banned from xbox live due to installing hacked dashboards an just having fun with the Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq stff.(LoL)it really doesn't matter if theres no way on getting back online because i have a big household and theres also system link every now an then but it doesn't hurt 2 ask.


Hey *Prican25* long time no see-i only Favor 2 forums this and xbox-scene.i haven't been online in both forums 4 a long time but i'am back

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it's pretty easy, as long as you have ur networked all setup, you should just be able to look up your ip adress in what ever dash your in and connect. if your using xbmc or avalanch or any dash that supports rss you can tell if your connected by seeing the rss feed scroll by. but thats it connect and ftp away.

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