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xecuter 2.6 ce


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i flashed my xecuter 2.6 ce solderless with xapter 1.6 on my 1.6b xbox console


so bank 1 has 3.03 flash bios and bank 2 has evox plus bios now and when i loaded the console with bank 1 it shows 3.03 flash thing and when loaded up with bank 2 it shows evox up in the top right corner,heres the problem.if i try to use a original xbox game it loads up the big x thing then freezes up there but if the mods off it goes to the game after the x thing.


i don't know if i have a set of bad bios,even if i try something burned it will somewhat piontless until this problem is fix.thanks oh i also have the evox auto installer what i downloaded and it comes with alot of bios,wich is best for my xbox 1.6b console ?

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you can use the latest x2 bios which works on 1.6 xbox's (using the 1.6 version) which works good and some perfer it over evox bios.


i only used slayers installer disc a while back, nothing much to it but i do suggest to backup te drive as is before doing anything that may effect it.

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