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X-Men 3: The Thread: Reloaded: Revolution


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That time again folks




Someone should youtube this.


The Download is behind the giant ad, so click "X" on the ad there.


This is a hell of a nod folks ;)


Logan + Pitor = Baseball!

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Is it just me or does Wolverine's voice sound's like James Bond? I just think he should sound rougher, considering his personality and the way his lines are written in the comic... which by the way is totaly different than here!

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But they killed Wolverine's personality!


It's not Wolverine! It is Mystique, trying to ruin Wolverie's badassness

He's pretty overrated now, Because let's see;


He's got his own solo

he's on all 3 X-men teams


Hell, he's even on the Avengers!

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Wolverine is so famed thanks to his badass personality - a personality they destoryed!



Fanboys of the world - unite!


We are going to save Wolverine's character!

They've been adding more sarcasm to him lately in the X-titles.

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