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What is with foreigners?


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O fuhrer mein fuhrer.  The only german I know comes from foreign metal bands, and most good foreign metal bands are actually Finnish, not German.  It is a pretty cool language though.

Metal is big in nordic countries, I know that much.

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Mooney chupa la pinga!!

No, I do not suck wangs. <_<


Anyhoo, I don't like people who talk to you over an English network in German. Yarr..


It's a bit annoyin. But I can't really expect anything else from hamachi, where mostly only foriegn people would use it while all the english people probably bought the game and playing it on the official servers and junk like that. (no offense).


Plus, It's fun trying to communicate with people that really only know 2 words. "Dota??" "Play??" :D

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Rofl, that says


"Mooney likes to BUY prostitutes with hiv".


Also, against your quote, idk what it says, so instead of randomly guessing (like you did) I'll just simply put it this way.


I am better then you.


Here is another example of me being better then you.


Drake attacked Mooney with a Grenade Launcher (55 str) and took off 133!

Mooney has 0 HP left!

Mooney is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!!

You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen).

You gain: 28 EXP points!!!!

Congratulations you've went up a level!!!!

Your Max Hp went up by 8 and your Max Strength went up by 10.

Edited by Drake
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