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A stupid question about Notepad programmer :


How do you make a 'or' in a "while" or in a "if" ?


i tried |, ||, or, v ?


The 'help' don't help me...  :)



Stephen : Have you an idea about my waranty message ? Sometimes, Notepad say nothing and make the file ds.gba.


Nb: i changed the main file.


bitwise or is |

logical or is ||

you probably mean logical or, like if(a<5 || b<5) "If a is less than 5 or b is less than 5"


"waranty message"? I'm not sure what you mean, can you be more specific?



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I tried ||. mmm i will retry...


The waranty message on the post 17 of this section




Ok, I just went back briefly through the code you posted here on the board and the reason you have those warnings is because you did not include all of the data from the files when you combined everything :)

in this case you're missing information about struct sockaddr (should be in sys/socket.h)


I really don't have the time to look after your project though, so if you managed to leave out other necessary stuff, you'll have to figure it out on your own. It's really not hard to use the libraries in a compiled form and there are many people on the boards and elsewhere who will be happy to help you get it working.



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