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video and audio stream in DS


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Ah well, I was just illustrating my point :naughty:: I don't think the GBAMP will be able to run out of free space when used as a swap disk :naughty:.

What if people only have a small CF?

Free space would be determined by CF size and it's contents.

I have a 512Mbyte CF filled with MP3's.

It has less than 600kb free.

Although if you were streaming you could probably get away with just Moonshell on a small (32Mbyte or 16Mbyte) CF.

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Alright, lemme chip in here. At present, Moonshell can barely play MPEG1 at a framerate more than a slideshow. I think that's due, at base, to the fact that the IDCT and Huffman algorithms haven't been ported to optimised ARM9 at this time. Because the MPEG library used in Moonshell is portable C (afaik), your problem lies there.


We'll ignore the fact that the use of wifi and packaging a stream for use over the network takes up significant processor time, and we'll ignore audio too for now: the root issue is that JPEGs (being MPEG I-frames) simply can't be decoded fast enough.


Fortunately, there is something in the works on that. I've been interested in MPEG for a while, so I'm probably gonna make a start on a JPEG decoder written (at least the optimal bits) in ARM9 asm. No guarantees, since y'all know how I am with difficult projects (Sinking ship, anyone?), but we'll see how we go.

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