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Street Fights


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I had a friend message me these videos and they are both absolutely hilarious. Especially the 2nd one, I bursted out laughing when I saw the guy in the red shirt's fighting stance (Johnny Cage rip-off). The first one is even better, it's like the guy was Mike Tyson.





Some of you may have already seen this, but please do comment appropriately.

Please no "Oh, that's sooo old". :banghead:

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First - I wouldn't want to mess with a guy like, he took on about 3 or 4, damn


Second - I couldn't help myself stop laughing I thought it was the kong-fu guys that was going to get knocked out, but I was wrong.

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haha the second one was funny. That guy really knows how to take the piss :banghead: or I wonder if thats how he really fights. Meh.. if it works for him I guess it alright.


Oh... The first one is like 1000000000000000 years old :naughty:. haha GC

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