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how get dslinux web browser working on gbamp?


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Hi, I made one script to connect twirling the command

"sh /home/wifion.sh" and to detach "sh /home/wifioff.sh"

executes the publisher of text of dslinux:


vi /home/wifion.sh


iwconfig nds channel 6 essid SoftAP-91 key 0102031a2b

ifconfig nds up

route add default gw



use command wq to save in vi.



vi /home/wifioff.sh


ifconfig nds down



use command wq to save in vi.


it does not forget to execute this command, only a time:


echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf




it modifies as its configuration in route with IP, channel,essid, WEP,etc.

I wait to have helped, by!!!! :banghead:

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There is a way to remove the login for DSLinux, and I just tried it out two days ago. It's easy enough to do, even for a complete idiot like myself.




is the topic you can read, it includes the instructions and a link to a free hex edit program you can use. It's real simple and only took a couple minutes to go from getting the program, inserting CF, editing the file, saving and booting.


edit: Also, there is This topic that explains how to edit ina startscript for DSlinux with nologin, which also includes a link at the end of the post with pre-edited versions of the dslinux files with nologin and startscripts for M3, GBAmp, and supercard. Hope it helps!

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Hmm... I try to configure the wifi settings with:


wconfig nds channel 11 essid Aspinall

ifconfig nds up

route add default gw


Because my

channel = 11

essid = Aspinall

IP address I want to give my DS =

routers IP address =


I then try and ping google and get "unknown host"


Where am I going wrong?


Thanks guys :banghead:

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