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Davr's TI85 emu


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*please move if in wrong forum*


ok, Im new and im starting to get mad.

I've searched for about an hour now and this is what i can gather:


The TI85 emulator (from davr) only works on flashcards because its ds.gba.

Current ds.gba to .nds tools wont work because it wasnt compiled with ndstool


I have the originial files from davr, a ds.gba that i made, ndstool, what seems to be an arm9 bin that i found with some other files, and the dumped rom


I want to know if there is anyway i can compile the file so it can be converted to .nds or if i can compile it directly to .nds


Believe me, i've looked

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wow i'm having that exact same problem. as far as i know, there's no way. in my opinion, davr needs to get his act together and start supporting .nds files. every other homebrew program does! so i guess we're out of luck. and it took me a long time to find that rom file too....I MEAN find my calculator......

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