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Nintendo WiFi Connector: WiFiMe?

Öhr GmbH

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Can i use my NWIFIC to use wifime and sending demos&homebrew to my DS?

i read this:


NOTE: USB version (RT2570) will not work

does a NWIFIC have a RT2570 chip?

i tried to install but it asks for a rt2560usb.sys(and other rt2560usb.XXX files) so i cant install it. i renamed the sys, inf,... files to the pop-up wanted file, but im getting an error: problems with starting the NWIFIC.


I, of course, uninstalled the nintendo wifi app(and the drivers), but i cant get it to work.


thx in advance!

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Offcourse that doesnt work. That soft AP thing only works for things based on things that have a ralink 25xx chipset in it.


And does the nintendo USB thingie have that? No, offcourse not. They have some nintendo chipset or whatever inside of them. Im not 100% sure but it's safe to say that it doesn't.


And as far as i know no-one else has been working on getting wifime to run with a nintendo USB connector, so to run wifime you'll have to buy a card with a ralink 25xx chipset or well, just use a passme/flashme since it does the same. If you want to play WMB demo's i think it's also possible to just flash them to a card and start them from the DS directly.

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lots of misinformation here, folks.

the Official Site states (albeit not very clearly) that the driver works for PCI and PCMCIA cards ONLY - when they have an RT2500 chipset (which means the interface chip is the RT2560)


I'm not sure where the RT2570 number came from, because as far as I know USB devices also use the 2560 chip, though I haven't confirmed this.


Additionally, the Nintendo USB connector *is* a RT2500 device, however as it's USB the current driver will NOT work with it.


Hope this clears some some stuff up.


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According to the Ralink site the chipsets are called RT2500 (pci and pcmcia form factor) and RT2500USB (USB form factor). The RT2500USB chipset use the RT2571 chip as the baseband/MAC. The linux open source drivers (which are based on code from ralink) refer to RT2500USB devices as RT2570.


To add to the confusion, you can currently use a RT2500USB device for WMB and Wifime BUT ONLY UNDER LINUX. See here and here for more information.



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