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Silent Hill The Movie Thread Reloaded


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Must have loads of talent then, cause blowing ass sounds rather difficult.


I've seen the trailer on TV, it looks like it should be SILENT......as in the one chick there shouldn't say anything and the movie might be better.

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yea me and my brother just came back from the movies and we did infact see silent hill...anyways umm im not gonna give anything away i mean either way my brother would get mad cuz hell be all like "you dont know anything and you havent even played the game..." yea so if anything hell tell ya how it went or watnot=D

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Alrite, just came back from the movie.


It beat my expectations, it's in fact, very true to the source. It shouldn't be passed on upon, because both VG fans and none alike are going to like this movie (my date didn't know it was based on a video game). The soundtrack is what strikes me as the best thing about the whole film. Because Akira Yamaoka worked on the film. You can practically tell when it's Yamaoka's work playing in the background, infact, almost all music IN the film is by him (there is some nice fitting Cash song used too).


The film is, by all means, a different experience from the games, but it still contains the fear we know from the games, espeically pyschologically. Every single character has genuine emotion, and practically all of them express all of it. There are some problems of course that only hardcore SH fans will say "No way, thats wrong, this is all wrong." I'll say it now;


Screw you


The movie does justice to the video games, while lacking in some departments, such as certain monsters should be getting more air time, it will satisfy you. Without going into much detail, this post seems broken.

So, it's spoiler time! Overall, check it out. Everything is recreated faithfully. Everything. Also like the games, there is alot of room for interpertation on everything, from the imagery all the way too wording. (Just like the games folks!)



Alrite, the beginning is very nice, very good build, up until the church scene. I'd hope it would of build up some more afterwards, but it just slows down the pace of the movie. The janitor monster could of used more screen time, he just seems down right meanecing and disturbing. There is definate room to have more monsters appear, maybe a few created by Konami if they wanted too (we'll see if they make a sequel).


Not alot of things are explained fully or at all. I've read people didn't like this, but I say, it's for the better, because they, and us, aren't suppose to know anything about the town. Gans has done a well done job doing that, these plot holes make it feel in tune with the Rose, the main character, who is played by Radha Mitchell. Does a fukkin' great job btw.


I'm surprised that the whole movie was practically CG free. The monsters are live actors (whoo!) which add more tension.


Alrite, time for some wondering;


Monsters are never explained - Good/bad? good IMO, because in the games, you don't know what the hell they are until you read a synopsis and various interviews. Everything is pretty much game, so I can't really explain it. One things for sure, Pyramid Head isn't a sexual output.


Lots of faith related imagery, if you played the games, you know what i'm talking about.


Camera angles alike, very good direction, some even mimic the game itself.


Ah the ending, after the whole shebangabang with the violence and gore (yes, the end has alot of it). They escape the town. There is a constant switching between Normal and Purgatory. It seems while Rose & Sharon have made it home, Rose's husband, Christopher, is in the real, Normal world, while Rose & Sharon are still in Purgatory. With this in play, it seems they have really gone missing and died. There are scenes which have both of them in the same place, but both in different dimenions. Such as when Rose has a break down in the school, and Chris literally walks by her(he gets a wiff of her perfum) in the Normal world, while her spirit is breaking down in Hell (the 3rd world within the film, once again, pulled off great).


That's all I can think of for now. Apparently the original cut was a little more over 3 hours, which could/most likely be explainations of the monsters. I feel like there should be a sequel to this film, with the same team. Everyone the same. I hope they release an unrated DVD with some of last hour in tact. The movie is 2 hours already, so let's hope they don't give us a "15 minutes of unrated scenes!" and give us the whole thing, Lord of the Rings style.




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Damn i just saw it and you just explain the ending to me becasue i was like wtf are they dead or something. Oh well thanks for telling me k'dash.

It's just pure speculation on my part for that one. I'm assuming so because they didn't return.

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It's just pure speculation on my part for that one. I'm assuming so because they didn't return.


I do have many other questions:


Were Rose, Cybil and Sharon dead on arrival at Silent Hill?


If so, Rose and Sharon presumably died from the jeep crash as the blood on Rose's head would suggest they did; does the police motorcycle resting on its side mean that Cybil died from a crash too? :lol:


Why did Rose survive an apparently fatal stab wound from ?


Did Cybil Bennett really die by fire?


What happens to Alessa now that she has had her revenge on the citizens of Silent Hill?

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