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I hope you don't mind me starting a suggestion thread sintax. I was typing a list of suggestions in the stickied thread, but it dawned to me that it would probably be easier for you to have suggestions in a separate thread. So i thougt i'd make one. So for everyone, please keep your suggestions in this post to make it easier for sintax to find them.


Anyway my suggestions as of now in v0.2:

  • Make the ABXY button zoomed view scrolling a bit faster. Currently it scrolls the zoomed view by.. what 5 pixels ? I suggest you make it scroll by at least 25, maybe even 50
  • Hold button support on the virtual keyboard. Like when you hold a key on a real keyboard it will type it a lot of times.
  • A mouse pointer shown on the top and bottom screen. With screenshots windows doesn't include the mousepointer, and it would prolly be pretty complicated to capture that data.
    But it should be possible to just render a mousepointer wherever you touch the touchscreen on the DS right ?. A mousepointer (especially in the zoomed view) would help a lot with selecting buttons on the tiny full screen
  • Some button that binds to keyboard arrow down. Preferably on d-pad down since that isn't used ATM. Having a down button would make webbrowsing a tad easier since you don't have to open the keyboard or try and find the scroll bar.
  • Saveable settings. Some way so that the program just saves the settings you have so you don't have to alter the IP's, and speed up the screenshot transfer speed everytime.

Anyway those are my suggestions, your choice what to do with them sintax ;)

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I've put thought into most of these (except for the down arrow thing- there may be a broader way to handle that like binding keys to buttons), so here are my plans for them:


1- The ABXY buttons are for nudging the screen, you should use the L button to find the general area, then nudge it a bit. I tried making it constantly scroll if you hold the button, but then it would usually go too far. I'm not sure what I'll do about that.


2-I'll probably add this, although it's a little tricky with the way the keyboard currently works and with the touchscreen innacuracy problems.


3-I've put this off because I think it means I'll have to manually draw a cursor on the screenshots. Not too difficult, but will probably turn out to be a pain. Should be in the next release.


4-Don't know about this, like I said, I'll probably add a mode for binding buttons to keys.


5-The next version should read WiFi settings from the firmware. After that, the settings are minimal, so you'll have to change them every time, for a while until I get into using the FAT driver at least.

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I would also like numpad to work, however make sure it used the numpad ascii value, and not just the top number key value, as a few programs I use have different uses for both and this would work better.


Also if you could get the arrow keys working. Mainly for a few of the programs I mentioned about above. Also does the backspace key send the correct value? As I can't have it delete text in the programs I use.


I would give the name of the programs but they are company software, so can't really say much.


Otherwise this program works very nice, maybe setup macro support? That would be sweet.

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I don't know if this has been said before or not. So if you guys already have this figured out just ignore me but I thought maybe this could be of use.


In my nvidia controls there is a zoom option that opens a window that zooms in on whatever part of the screen you are hovering over. I have mine set up as a shortcut ctrl-shift-z. It's very useful, and if you could use that window that pops up to display what is on the top screen of the ds or something. Then it would be an already made zoom window.

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what about transmitting the sound of the PC to the DS if it's possible ?


It could be cool to use the DS to listen to MP3s stocked on the PC without having to transfer the songs on the Flash card, to watch the TV programs offered by the PC TV card, ot to listen to the radio or anything else.

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Well, I don't know how difficult the following would be but if they were added to the next version I think it'd be great:


-A box on the full screen showing the boundaries of the zoomed-in screen while L was held down.. I'd think this could help selecting the area you wanted to show without having to use the face buttons.


-The ability to preset the starting x/y coordinates on the server program.


-When you change the custom keys and go back to the virtual desktop, the top screen always goes to the zoomed-in view, you can set a button to swap them, but you'd get an extra custom key if you could have no screen-swap set, and have the screens remain as they were when you go back to the virtual desktop.


...Anyways, that's all I could think of - thanks for one of the better homebrew progs out there!

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