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Win2DS - Remotely control your Windows PC


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I'm trying to run it, but it's stuck on the waiting screen. YES i've read the readme. I am 100% sure all my settings are correct, because i used the same settings that work on all my other programs.


Hi, same here! I can't get past the waiting screen, and the server says it cannot bind to the port (wich is free), I don't even get the firewall popup as normally. Is there some library file missing on the distribution?



I was just myself starting to work on a thing like this, but I guess there is already many people working on it now...


Just one idea: why not try to load and save the settings to the CF using the simple readconfig and writeconfig that are in my WiFi transfer program?


You can find the source code on the website http://bafio.drunkencoders.org


It's far from perfect, but allows to avoid entering the detail each time... Plus it could be kind of a standard until we get the settings from the lib :roll1:



Some of us use a FlashCart, not that. :clapping:

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Just had to post and tell you how great this app is. Alright, its not perfect right now, but congratulations man, this really is amazing.


If you just add an automatically zoomed in top screen that follows the mouse around, it would be actually perfectly easy to use your pc from it!


I've been playing around turning the screen refresh reate off, and using it as a tablet mouse thing, absaloutly great!


- Mat

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okays here what i had to do. for the first ip adress change it so its like, for the gateway make it what ever the gate way of ur computer is mine is for the dns put in

and for the server ip put in the ip adress of ur computer, u can find most of this information by going to the start bar and going to run, type in command, then when the command prompt window comes up type in ipconfig and all ur information is right there

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do this to magnify the screen:


ON UR WINDOWS XP COMPUTER (im not sure if it works for any other Windows version):


1. Goto Start

2. Goto accessories

3. Goto accessibillity

4. Choose "Magnifier"


You can drag this application to wherever on the screen you want it to go... and you can set the level of magnification... i have mine set to 4...


this works GREAT for me... and it makes Win2DS WAY better then PointyRemote



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