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The ESA... Who? ROFL!

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He really went all out this year. Posting crap and posing as Gamecop. Pretty annoying in my opinion that he keeps trying to ruin Gamecop's site. I don't know what problem he has with Gamecop as I read through the other posts and logs. God, he's pretty stupid to think that people will believe him (no offense), and do something about it after...what 3 tries of this crap already?


Ugh...Fatal, Get this idiot a girl. He needs to get laid.

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No offence but seriously, sometimes I don't know who is the bigger idiot. Him for doing it, or all the people that get so pissed off about him doing it.


While you guys are all pissed off, he's probably just going thru life as usual and has a nice laugh when he reads your comments.


And comments like "he needs to get laid", come on, what are you? 12?


If people would quit giving him so much attention maybe he wouldn't find it fun to flock with you all.

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XXL been bratting around havoc forums also. (XXL went under the name TapeWurm and jacent777)




And guess what I BANNED xxl from my site (The Rockers Cabin)



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Someone needs to give this guy a visit  :P


Now I am going to see if my account is still active at EP  :)


Are you LitBolt? You are still banned from the Gnafu "retirement" incident.

I'd like to think that you are thinking of the wrong person.

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I can't remember my old login at EP. I doubt its still good. that was back during "the war"

I'm on the good guys side now :P

but anyways, I agree with STUFF, the dude is lame but stressing over his bullshlit is a waste of energy at this point.

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Looks like this dumbass wanted to make "Peace" in the #1emu channel. I figured it out right away when I did a whois on him. Little does he know that proxies don't work that easily on IRC so I got his real IP address too! :P


[21:26] -------[ Peace101 [~Peace101@207-38-225-43.c3-0.43d-ubr10.qens-43d.ny.cable.rcn.com] ----- 

[21:26] Name  Eugen 

[21:26] Server  irc.vel.net Velocity Networks, California 

Peace101 actually using host 

[21:26] --------------------------------------------------------


Here's the conversation (pretty short)..


·••  Clones [Peace101 PeaceMan] 207-38-225-43.c3-0.43d-ubr10.qens-43d.ny.cable.rcn.com [2]

‹•• PeaceMan parts [21:01]

Peace101: Can someone call gamecop white flag is up

Peace101: would like to talk?

Peace101: Is there talking allowed in this room or no?

+Ch04sC0d3: ?

@ZeZu[c]: no

@ZeZu[c]: there isn't

Peace101: Does that mean no talking

@ZeZu[c]: its not allowed

Peace101: okay sorry

+Ch04sC0d3: wtf are u talking about lol

+Schatten: lol

Peace101: what the heck is going on here

Peace101: lol

+Ch04sC0d3: any luck yet?

@ZeZu[c]: whoast?

+Ch04sC0d3: nothing wrong window :afro:

·••  olaf sets mode [+vv Peace101 TyRaS2 ]

‹•• RavenKing parts [21:16]

@iq_132: Peace101: Hey Eugen Popovici.. or Eugen Popovici.. or FaggotBoy.. you can go flock yourself coming in here. :punk:

·••  Peace101 has been kicked by iq_132 [Peace101 ]


Banned on #1emu :P

Oh and his real IP address again: :lol:

Somebody report his IP address and contact the NYPD to get his ass arrested or something. :banghead:

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