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The ESA... Who? ROFL!

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Okay, it has to come our attention that a little retard is back. Yes, it's been 4 long torturing years of his mayhem, but he never gives up. So it's now time to stick it up his ass.


Yes, his name is XXL-Enigma (ignore dash), that guy who's in the army with 2 daughters who he keeps on pestering us. He registered recently on 3 websites: Arcade@Home, EdgeEmu, and EmuParadise. We've had our own little history with EmuParadise in the past (long long time ago) and Arcade@Home is our old friend. Anyways, it came to my attention that he registered as my username "GameCop" on EmuParadise and EdgeEmu making up some ESA story that we got court orders, yada yada. HELLLOOOOO.. we haven't allowed rom links here nor a Direct Connect Hub for almost 2 years! Congratulations jackass, you got our attention.


Anyways, here's all his personal information found by others (Found on Arcade@Home / Google - Thanks to Josh from EmuParadise).


Someone call Pizza Hut in New York and order this guy a Pizza to get a flocking life. So for anyone to believe The ESA still got us, take a look at our board rules! If you want to know more about him, do a search here on 1Emulation or on Arcade@Home. Or you can check Google to see the hundreds of sites he's banned on.


- 1Emulation Staff

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I want to give a big thank you to EmuParadise (I could care less if you guys have roms or not :P). Although, I do wish I could link to their website, but everyone know's our board rules. I had no idea what was going on until Darth Lucxus (Generic Bad Guy) and Knowitman (Josh) came in our IRC channel and told me what was going on. I really appreciate them taking the time to solve this matter. It means a lot, so thanks guys. :)

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So yeah. I'm from EP, under the name 'Generic Bad Guy' At the moment.


So, We had a dude register under the name 'GameCop' and create a thread stating you guys were under attack from the ESA ( See: showthread.php?t=42812 of EP.)


Naturally I checked out the site, which was fine, and went on to IRC to have a talk with 'GameCop' about what was happening. I found out some stuff about a dude named 'Eugen Popovici' who seems to me, like a childish moron who should get over himself. That aside *somethingsomethingsomething* *insert how cool I am here* *more ranting*.



Edited by Darth Lucxus
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Why is he doing this? I dont get it he doesnt give up, Hes dont this on tons of sites for no reason, no one has even done anything to him yet he just starts posting bullshit about everyone anyway. WTF? Why doesnt he just give it up, hes been doing this for years, he has nothing better to do than think about ruining the reputations of some websites online? Come onnnnnn

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That guy would be funny if he wasn't actually inflicting damage on other people :P


extract from the "Letter from ESA" he posted on emuparadise:

Based on the information obtained by ESA that is provided in this e-mails 

attachments, ESA has a good faith belief that the Internet site found at 

http://www.1emulation.com/direct connect hubs infringes the rights of one or more IDSA 

members by offering for download one or more unauthorized copies of one or more game 

products protected by copyright, including, but not limited to:

IDSA? ESA? what now? :)


and also the signature:


Ken Elsenhiemer

ElsenhIEmer?... I thought it was spelled ElsenhEImer. I find it hard to believe this guy couldn't spell his own name right in an official latter :lol:


geez. the internet needs an idiot-filter, seriously.

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Hmmm... The guy obviously got what he deserved. but its really sad to see people hold a grudge since 2002? i mean what is that a 5yr grudge? hmm maybe in alittle over 5yr's someone will imitate me :)


Well GameCop im glad that issue was handled i must say quite "smoothly" kudos on the smoothness :P

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