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WinMX lives again


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Thanks to MXPIE I am now able to download music and games again. I can again chat with friends on WinMX as well. WinMX is back, and from what I can see from using it the last couple weeks, it is doing very well.


Everything you need at the MXPIE Website Free and Spyware free.


Realtime help available for WinMX 3.53 users having trouble getting connected. Go to WinMX Channels. And thank you gemini for your Computer Problem forum.

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Didn't all this kind of P2P applications get the beat down already?


I thought everyone had moved on to HUBs and Torrent already...  :)

What you say is pretty much true, although fewl P2P applications are still alive and kicking... Shareaza, eMule, Limewire too I guess.

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Thanks for the headsup I'll check it out


I prefer the old p2p apps no worrying about ratios and waiting for seeds.


I thought hubs were dying out apart from the private invite only ones.



That's the reason I like torrents and HUBs better.


You only get to download if you are willing to share... Which you should. People spend time seeding so you can get what you need, shouldn't the person who downloaded said object do the same?

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