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Sony = Assholes part 2


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that's funny; maybe they'll sell it as twice the price and call it a PS4 ;)


heey, maybe they'll sell the chip as a very expensive prephiral and give you a new warranty upon successful installation





could happen :unsure:

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Nice Find K'dash



Source: EDC Magazine


Sony's much talked about Playstation 3, rumored to be hitting the streets in 2005 will not be powered by the equally talked about IBM/Toshiba/Sony "Cell Chip". IBM have told Electronics Design Change Magazine that the Cell Chip may not be be available until 2007... Plunging PS3 into what we at X365 call a "big ole mess"


Whats is news to me is that PS3 won't have the cell chip until 2007 so if they release it early whats it going to be running on and what about third party games writing code for the cell chip? pushed back till 2007?

That article is from 2003. If you read the "rumored to be hitting the streets in 2005" you should have realized that it was a useless article. It's a well known fact that it's coming 2006 at the earliest.

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well, Sony BMG has announced that it will be pulling most of the rootkit CDs off the shelves, but still refuses to give people a proper uninstaller, among other things.


Two-faced. It's like what one of the Sony BMG execs said in a radio interview: "Most people don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care?"

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