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NATIONAL DUNGEONS & DRAGONS DAY NOVEMBER 5TH KIDDOS! Time to whip out the ranger cape and the wizard's cloak for this event.



Good times I've had playing D&D.



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throw on a Rush cd, light up some incense and roll a 30 sided die!





I'll pass.

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im pretty sure ill never try playing this game ever, someone tried to explain it to me, and its based on the honor system so much from what it sounds like i could just walk into some game and be like IM LEVEL 99 WITH UBER NUKE SPELL AND YOU ALL DIE NOW AND IT ONLY USES 1MP BECUASE I FOUND IT IN THE HIDDEN CAVE OF TOILETRIES IN A PAST QUEST AND ITS UBER RARE AND I AM TEH ROXOR!!!


maybe im just stupid and didnt understand what the hell he was saying though...


yeah it was probably that...

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