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some nice updates from HK


What's new:




ver 20051002:




1. Added Jaleco Rock'n series (rockn1 / rockn2 / rockn3 / rockn4 / rocknms)


2. Fixed player number always 4 in the MAMEoX launcher


3. Change to 3 aspect ratio mode, added stretch display mode for the ppl who dont like the correct aspect ratio(ex. 384x224 for cps games) but the 4:3 full screen.


4. Added SoftDisplayFilter and FlickerFilter code in MAMEoX launcher (the flicker filter and soften settings in the option now affect the launcher too)


5. Changed scancount in CPS2 drivers (this fix the felicia icon flicker problem in Darkstalkers)


6. Updated ddenlovr.c (added mjreach1/mjchuuka/hkagerou/rongrngg/animaljr, and hanakanz playable now, for some reason mjchuuka works but only sound no graphic)


7. Added regenerate driver list option in the start menu (disable VSYNC before regenerate driver list, or the regenerating will be really slow)


8. Added xbox led color option


9. Added new option page(misc options, right now there is only one option on this page: led color)


10.Added 6 new IGS games supported in MAME0.97u7 (lhb / chindrag / chugokur / chmplst2 / xymg / grtwall)


11.Added Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 and TGM2+


12.Cleaned code and some other changes






This is still a wip version, so there may be bugs.


Delete your MAMEoX save at msdash (or use the regenerate driver list option in the start menu) *AND* the cfg directory in MAMEoX folder(no need to do this if you already did this when updating to ver.20050726) before you install this version!

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Hey, anyone find the correct vm.txt settings for TGM2 and TGM2P (64 MB XBox)? I've tried several common settings so far with no luck. The game won't even start.


[edit] Well, I have found that "4 12 65535" seems to work pretty well. "4 8 65535" also works, but the game runs slower. If anyone finds a better setting let me know. Thanks!

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Perhaps someone can help me out here.


I have two Xboxes, a 1.1 with an Xecutor chip and a 1.6 that's softmodded. The 1.1 runs this release with no problems, but the 1.6 locks up upon running the default.xbe no matter what I do. :banghead:


I've removed all traces of any previous MAMEoX from the HDD and have done a completely clean install.


The last MAMEoX128 Plus! build (07/26) ran perfectly on this Xbox (and still does), but this new version just won't start. This is the first time I've ever had a problem getting a piece of software running.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Does it lock up immediately when you run default.xbe or after you press any key?

The led color is set to "default" by default, which means it wont run the led color changing code for the first time. So maybe that's not the problem.

The SoftDisplayFilter and FlickerFilter code maybe the problem.

But I will build two default.xbe for you to test, one without the led code and the other without the SoftDisplayFilter and FlickerFilter code.

Edited by HK$
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It locks up immediately.


Although, when I check the root folder afterwards, it does create all the support directories in D:/. But it does not create a TDATA folder. Don't know if that helps any in determining at what point it's freezing.


Thanks for putting those test builds together (I'll PM you my e-mail address). Would be great to get to the bottom of this. :banghead:


Thanks again.

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